Our Human Commercial™

Appco believes wholeheartedly in our personalised, interactive approach to face-to-face marketing – so much so that we created the Human CommercialTM.

Much more than simply ‘direct’ or ‘door-to-door sales’, we want to give people the best experience possible so they are: 

  • well informed about the product, service or cause we’re representing
  • can see how it might with their needs, interests and lifestyle and...
  • enjoy the conversation they have with the brand ambassador!

We achieve this by having professional, friendly and personalized conversations with people about our clients’ brands.

The brand ambassadors in our network have a thorough knowledge of and genuine passion for the products, services and causes they represent. That’s why they’re able to tailor information to each person’s needs, provide on-the-spot responses to their questions and conduct professional and enjoyable conversations.