Professional fundraising solutions

As part of an experienced global face-to-face fundraising agency, we understand that our charity partners have a diverse range of fundraising and donor management requirements.

Appco Group USA’s fundraising solutions bring together a range of services that can fulfill our clients’ needs at every stage of their fundraising and donor-acquisition journey.

Our network of face-to-face fundraisers

These are the people who promote your brand with passion and pride and so, they are highly valued members of the Appco US team. They are at the heart of everything we do, delivering your message to thousands of people every day – come rain or shine.

We understand that brand and reputation are of ultimate importance to all our charity partners, so our teams of fundraisers receive on-going support and coaching every step of the way. We also encourage them to have regular contact with our charity partners, to make sure they are always connected to the causes they represent.

With over 25 years of experience in the wider face-to-face marketing field, and a wealth of knowledge behind us, Appco Group Support has an advanced recruitment and training methodology.

We capture daily feedback from a range of different sources to ensure that all fundraisers maintain highly professional standards.

We make sure that great behavior and customer service are rewarded, while also operating a platform to detect and respond in a timely and efficient manner to every potential issue, no matter how small.

Using these tools to hone the skills of our fundraisers and support their passion for the causes they represent, we maintain highly motivated teams with the desire and ability to deliver quality results. 


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