Appco USA fundraisers witness ChildFund’s impact in Bolivia

Appco USA fundraisers witness ChildFund’s impact in Bolivia

Appco USA face-to-face fundraisers have been given a first-hand look at who is benefitting from their fundraising efforts for ChildFund Bolivia.

A group from Appco's Los Angeles and San Francisco fundraising offices recently travelled to Bolivia with the charity to visit five different communities where ChildFund programmes are operating.

ChildFund helps more than 100,000 children in Bolivia by providing programmes that give access to health care and education opportunities.

San Francisco fundraiser Nancy Figueroa said seeing how the programmes were working on the ground was inspiring.

While she already knew a lot about the charity’s work before the trip, she said seeing how the charity interacted with local communities had emphasised the importance of building up regular donations in the USA.

"It really makes me feel that the money we raise is going to the right place," she said.

"The parents and local community get really involved in almost every aspect of the charity. From helping with budgets, to managing the programmes and coming up with new ideas for the community, everything is very interactive."

With most of Bolivia’s population in poverty, many children face difficult conditions, and are often forced to work to help provide for their families.

Some communities are still without basic utilities, including sewerage systems, but Nancy said she was struck by the positivity of the people she met.

"I think the best part of the trip was meeting all the kids and interacting with them.

"Even though they don't have much, seeing how happy and grateful they are for the work we do makes it all worth it."

The trip has had a lasting impact on Nancy and increased her motivation back home in San Francisco.

"Every time I feel that I'm losing that positive attitude or feeling discouraged in the field, those kids and their stories remind me that I can work a little bit harder."

Since beginning its partnership with the charity in 2011, Appco USA’s face-to-face fundraisers have signed up more than 25,000 regular giving donors.