Tucson opens for business

Tucson opens for business

Led by Kate Sharkova and David Kamara, the team has stepped up to the new responsibilities of what it means to run an office. Through dedication, hard work and persistence Chris Rudge President of Endeavour Global and Brandon White President of Equilibrium Marketing Solutions have jointly sponsored one of Appco’s latest expansions in the US.

Expanding to a new office requires a lot of hard work and expanding to a new city brings with it its own set of challenges also. Kate and David have both stepped up to these challenges with professionalism and perhaps something unique to the Appco network - Friendship. As David acknowledges also “…I had the opportunity to step into Ownership and decided that there is no better person to do this with, than my best friend”.

Kate Sharkova also shared a similar sentiment when asked about the move to Tucson… “I’m enjoying being my own boss and making my own decisions independently and with Dave, I also love having the support network around me and giving people the same opportunity I had in a brand new city.”

Representing Childfund International, the team in Arizona has already begun creating new opportunities and success stories, and we look forward to celebrating with them as new stories of promotions come to light. David Kamara shares this sentiment also…“I love the chance to build something from scratch and I look forward to the office being number 1 very soon.”